Recurring Characters

TD (Me)
A tall, red-haired student with glasses and a case of the lazy. Or maybe the crazy. The crlazy? Anyway, she has declared war on all spiders.

"Liz" Elizabeth Rodenberg
A poor, eighteen-year-old victim of some extremely unusual circumstances - thrust unceremoniously into Twilight-era Hyrule, turned into a shapeshifting swordsman, and expected to keep the Hero alive. Naturally, she's usually confused.

A first-class idiot, with the added combination of an inability to talk to any of the many girls that follow him around, a sword, and godlike power.

A 19-year-old girl from California, dumped into Hyrule alongside Liz. She tolerates her.

Twil (Perfect World International)
A demonic elf archer from Perfect World. Was born with the amazing gift of dying really easily.

Liz/Twil(Various Elder Scrolls games)
An omnicidal thieving maniacal vampire. Block your doors, board your windows, and watch your potatoes.

"Dick" Richard (Much Later Comics)
An idiot.

About Much Later Comics

Much Later Comics (here) is a Skyrim AU populated with alternate characters and set three years after the events of TPRPM. I know it doesn't make any sense, I know it's not finished, please humor me and my self-indulgent fanfiction.

About Hourly Comics Day

Hourly Comics Day is a webcomics event on every February 1st. The object: draw a comic for every hour you are awake.